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Download a fast, new web browser that lets you access the internet like never before. You’ll find that PolyBrowser is simply the best browser for searching and multitasking on the web.

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Featuring Panoramic Navigation

  • Websites are stitched together side-by-side
  • Move effortlessly between them














Zoom In and Out

  • Zoom out to see the big picture
  • Zoom in to see the details














Resize and Compare Easily

  • Drag handles on the sides to resize
  • Creates optimal usage of any screen size














Search in the Sidebar

  • Search with a built-in sidebar
  • Keep your search visible with minimal screen space














Save Your Tabs to the Cloud

  • Relaunch your tabs instantly on any device










Chuck Nelson

Online Producer /

As part of my web producer duties, I’m monitoring high-school football games in our area and writing a running story on Friday nights with scoring highlights, links to boxscores, links to slideshows from the games and other things. This is just the kind of situation that PolyBrowser is perfect for. I call up multiple sites and slide back and forth between them to stay on top of what’s happening.





Kandis O'Brien

Senior Director, Global Systems Integrator / NTT Data Americas

As a technology director, I use PolyBrowser to simultaneously monitor progress on all of the web pages that we’re developing, update our project tool, log bugs, and many other tasks that keep our processes running smoothly. I think that PolyBrowser is a must for anyone who does multitasking on the web.






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